Social Media Marketing: 11 Social Media Posting Ideas

Social media marketing is a necessity for most businesses – I mean, you’re missing out if you’re not currently using some form of it.

But it can be tough – plain old hard work keeping that content machine fed.

You need to have consistency and you need stuff that looks good, sounds good…almost smells good.  How do you know what to create, when to create it and how?  It can be so overwhelming, that many just don’t even start…or stop quickly.

But, no more!

I’m going to take you through 11 social media posting ideas, so you can kickstart the creative juices and have your social media pumping up the charts.

Stay with me, this is going to be EASY!

11 Posting Ideas

Idea #1 – Quotes

This the obvious one, but still a good one.  Make sure any quote you use is aimed at your target market – so include humour if that’s what they’d appreciate or quotes linked to your niche that keep you on brand.

Idea #2 – Links to Content

Social media marketing is a great way to get more eyes on your content, such as blog posts, podcasts or videos.  Use a crafted image with a bit of text on it to explain what it’s about and be sure to give more detail in the post.  Don’t forget to include a link, or point them to where the link is in your profile.

Idea #3 – Product photos

If you sell physical products, you can showcase them until the cows come home.  Be creative though, not salesy.  You want to entice followers to check out the product, by creating an image that draws them in – use flat lay photography, location images etc.  You can use apps like for Instagram which is from Later, to link followers directly through to your shop.  If not, tell them where the link is or provide the link on other platforms.

Idea #4 – Ambassadors

A great way to showcase your products is to encourage your buyers to share their images and you can curate the best ones to re-share and thank them.  You can ask them to use a specific hashtag or tag you in their images, or you can have a team of ambassadors you have hand picked to submit images.  Give them guidelines on image quality and how to post for the best results.

Idea #5 – Behind the scenes

To engage your followers you need to show them a little more of you.  This can be by showing them the chaos behind the scenes, or when you have down time, or maybe just the faces behind the brand.  Just open the kimono a bit and you’ll be surprised the reaction.

Idea #6 – Link to a freebie

If you’ve got a freebie checklist, or maybe a webinar coming up, this is a neat way to share it a bit further.  A direct way is to create a crafted image that outlines exactly what it is and include a link.  The indirect way is to have a more casual photo, with text in the post talking about your freebie in a relaxed way.

Idea #7 – A day in the life of…

This is a great one to use for yourself, as well as your team if you have a whole herd of people behind your business.  Talk about what has happened that day, good and bad, or spotlight different members of the team and the type of work they do each day.  Social media marketing is about finding ways to engage with your audience, not just send them content.

Idea #8 – Personal

Sometimes it’s good to show your human side and not your social media facade.  Followers love to know you’ve had a crap day like they have, or that you have kids/pets like them, or maybe that you ate bad that day.  Telling them more about yourself can be good to increase engagement.

[ctt template=”9″ link=”D745T” via=”yes” ]Followers love to know you’ve had a crap day like they have. You might be feeling bad, but it’s great for engagement. Misery loves company! @msnicolelsmith[/ctt]

Idea #9 – #TBT

Don’t be afraid to re-use past images.  Throw back images can be great, especially if they got great engagement the first time.  But don’t just do it because of engagement, if it’s got a time relevance or some other relevance then go for it.

Idea #10 – Polls

Polls can be a great tool to gather data.  They can also just be really great for engagement and starting a discussion.  Don’t be too detailed and keep them short and sweet.

Idea #11 – Testimonials

My favourite one!  There is nothing like social proof to increase the trust of your audience.  Some of us are not very good at gathering this sort of information, so try to make a point of doing this going forward – it will be gold for you.

That’s it!  A list with enough meat to get you moving.

Trivia Tid-bit

A little bit of trivia to leave you with – do you know what the fastest growing social media network is?

It might be obvious to some of you.  It’s Snapchat!  This is crazy, but it’s the SECOND most-used social network after Facebook.  So, if your target market is anywhere in the 18 to 34-year-old range, you need to get on this little puppy.

Until next time – keep getting social.

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