If you want Facebook to work for you, some hustle is required to…GET.IT.RIGHT.

Facebook marketing is hard work these days, right?  Everyone is losing their organic reach and Facebook wants to push you into the paid marketing realm…well, that’s just the reality of the situation and we need to make the most of what free opportunities we do have.

Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites out there, but so many businesses are not using it well at all.  They are often throwing away really simple opportunities to reach potential clients.  It’s not rocket science either, just simple stuff.

I get it…sometimes you start a page, plus all your other social profiles…and your website…and everything else in your business…and things get missed.  You don’t setup your Facebook page how it really should be and then you don’t go back to fix it…you forget…or avoid it, maybe.

Whatever your situation + no matter the reasons, we are drawing a line in the sand now…time to roll your sleeves up and make things right.  We’re going to tidy up your Facebook page now.  It’s what I like to call ‘back filling’.


++Please…for the love of god, COMPLETE your bio

This might seem like a no-brainer, but the amount of times I check out someone’s business page, go to their ‘About‘ page (Aboot if you’re Canadian) and I see…donuts…NO LINKS + nothing about the business, unless you count some semi-wanky quote.  It really pains me to see that…a lost opportunity.  What if I wanted to buy something from their website, or visit their store?  I have the attention span of a goldfish, so immediately I lose interest and…I’m gone.

Please don’t take this page for granted.

You have a really big opportunity to make sure anyone who gets to your page (and remember, that’s a win to begin with…), can head to your ‘About’ page and read EVERYTHING about your business.  This is what it looks like on your Facebook page if you have no idea what I’m talking about…

5 Simple Tips to Master Facebook Like a Pro | Facebook Page - About | socialmarque.com

You can put your website links here, descriptions of your business, contact details, store opening hours…the list is endless.  Your Facebook page is the most comprehensive bio you can have in the social media world, so make sure EVERYTHING is on it.

Create a document somewhere and write out all your short and long bio’s, contact details, links etc and make sure this is what you use for all your social media platforms.  Consistency is good.


++Slick images + graphics scream PROFESSIONAL…is that you?

The profile pic and header image on your Facebook page are really important real estate and you’d be wise to use them efficiently.

First step is to get some professional photos done…this will be money really well spent.  Read my post on online branding, where I talk about getting professional photos done and what to think about.  These can be used on both your header + your profile pic, it just depends what your business is about as to how you position them.  Here are two really great examples of what you can do…


Creating Your Online Brand Like a Boss | Timothy Jane Graham | socialmarque.com

5 Simple Tips to Master Facebook Like a Pro | Facebook Header example 1 | socialmarque.com

Now, you can get header images done up professionally and they will no doubt look pretty slick…but you can also whip up something pretty good yourself with something like Canva, especially if you’re on a budget.

Canva is just a gift from the design heavens…they practically do the work for you.  If you are ‘design challenged’ though, check out this article in the Design School section of Canva…it will help with the creative juices + give you ideas.

So the gist of it is looking professional + pleasing to the eye and you will make a great impression on your Facebook page visitors.  If you spend time + effort getting it right and you look interesting enough, they may even nosey around and see what you else you have to offer.


++Your tabs + Call To Action buttons are FREE real estate…use them!

So, in order to make the most of your Facebook marketing, you need to use every square inch of your page that you can.  There are a couple of areas you can do this really well.  Tabs + Buttons.

Buttons are the areas above the tabs, which is where you click ‘Like’.  You can now change one of the buttons to several different options, like ‘Sign Up’, ‘Book Now’, ‘Contact Us’, ‘Watch Video’ and it goes on…lots of options.  Just edit by clicking on the button and clicking on ‘Edit Call to Action‘ + you’ll be on your way.

Tabs are a great way to send people to specific Apps you have connected to your page.  Now, it might be an Instagram feed of all your images, or it might be a landing page tool like Lead Pages, where you have setup your optin page.  Go to Maria’s page below and click on Free Training and you will see what I am talking about…

5 Simple Tips to Master Facebook Like a Pro | Facebook - Maria Andros | socialmarque.com

The opportunities are endless and you can continue to change and evolve what you put there, based on what activities you are doing in your business.  Maybe it’s a ‘SALE’ page and they are directed back to your website…just think outside the square.


++Don’t rely on organic growth => Facebook ads can DRIVE the right audience to you

Facebook marketing with ads can be super lucrative…really, really good bang for your buck.  Why? Because the targeting is spot on.

The thing we complain about, Facebook knowing too much about us, is exactly what you get the benefit of when you pay for advertising.  There are not many forms of paid advertising that you can target exactly the type of demographic you are looking for, geographic region, likes, incomes…there is SO much criteria…and then you can track the effectiveness via conversions to sales.  Just brilliant.

There is an art to getting it right though and it may take some trial and error…start small and track your results, before you spend a lot of money.  The other tip is to NOT sell on Facebook.  Send them to your website for something free instead…blog posts, free giveaways, coupons etc.  Get them on your email list + then sell to them later.


++Evaluate what has worked, tweak it…rinse + REPEAT

The beauty of Facebook is it’s transparency.

Track what activities you do + understand your metrics, so you can identify what specific activities worked well.  When you find something that works well, continue to do it and get better at it.

As with anything, practice will only make you better.

Got any suggestions of your own?  Please comment below if you do!

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