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How I stopped the ‘hustle‘ and started to play the long game as an online business owner.

A solopreneur is another way of saying I have created a job for myself working sixteen hour days, seven days a week.  You can’t create a business alone.”

Working your business in the online world can be a maze of second guessing, isolation and bright shiny object syndrome.I didn’t have a smooth ride into entrepreneurship.

“I need X course to make it work…if I just joined that Y group I know my business will skyrocket…I just, I just , I just…”

What we end up doing is creating an ideal of what our businesses should look like, removing all logic from the equation.  We miss the opportunity to go back to basics and just do the simple stuff, because we’re comparing ourselves waaaaayyyy too often.

Hey gorgeous human, I’m in those trenches with you.  I would get my knickers in such a knot trying to BE someone else.  Thinking I wasn’t good enough and too often chasing someone else’s ideal.

Then one day I stopped.  I realised I didn’t want they wanted, I wanted what I wanted.  I needed to create a business that made me feel creative, that hit all my hot buttons for success.


“Create a plan.
Automate it.
Outsource it.
Go on more

Once I did that, I was able to stop all the bright shiny object and focus on the simple, logical, maybe even boring stuff.

That stuff that builds lists, brings you clients and creates cashflow.

Sounds so simple, I know.

When you wander aimlessly looking for something, without a map or a plan, your intentions are great but your chances of getting there are limited.

It’s knowing what you can do on a regular basis, that will get you closer to your goals.

The overwhelm is strong, so you really must want it.  This means making sure that what you are building is what you want.  Do you want to do it, day in, day out…on sick days, on sad days, on happy days.

Featuring my sidekick
Storm the Wonder Dog

All About Nicole

A true Aquarian *read stubborn*

Favourite meal is breakfast (can be eaten at dinner)

I love a good crime series

Storm the wonder dog is a big feature in my life (ah, probably not news)

The city I love the most is New York City.  I know, who doesn’t.

I’m always an optimist.  Always.

What others say about me...

I've worked with tons of business owners + entrepreneurs over the years, to help them create their unique digital footprint + get it converting...

  • gym owners, chiropractors, financial planners, blog owners, personal trainers, nutritionists, yoga teachers

Some things my clients have said about me...

"Nicole brought to the table more than I was expecting. She really had all the ideas to tie up the loose ends to ensure we are doing all we can do to convert sales.”

"Nicole has been instrumental in helping me increase my online presence + to establish my own personal branding.  Her knowledge of social media is immense + her coaching program has helped my businesses grow substantially.”

"Nicole is awesome. She understood exactly what I was looking for and delivered perfectly. The work Nicole has done has helped me greatly improve my online presence + delivered huge increases in business sales. She constantly checks in + let's me know about any changes in the virtual world that could help me further. Do yourself a favour + let her help you, you won't regret it!"

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