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On which social media platform is the user MORE likely to click on your ad, than any of the others?  Well, I’ll let you know at the END…

In this video I’m going to show you HOW to create social media graphics fast and easy.  So sharpen your pencils and stay tuned.

When using social media for your business, you ALWAYS need to be thinking about HOW you can use your real estate better.  For most of the platforms this includes:

  1. Your avatar – the image of you or your logo
  2. Your header image
  3. And the images you post

Getting the right tools

Now first up I’m gonna say, if you can outsource your graphics to some artistic nerd, do it.  Your time as an entrepreneur is FAR better spent generating NEW business opportunities.

However, that isn’t always possible, so this is the NEXT best thing.  You need something that will HELP you get the job done fast and easy.  You also need it to look smokin’ hot. 

My FAVOURITE tool to use is Canva.  Why?  I just think it’s super easy to use AND they have a great choice of templates to use for inspiration, so you don’t need to think TOO hard.

So first up is your avatar.

This is generally a picture of the person who has the account, or possibly a logo for a business brand.  The key is to make sure it looks the same for ALL the social media profiles you have.  Create a square image in Canva and then drop in the photo or image you want to use.  You now have the opportunity to use that real estate well – can you add anything to the picture that might be relevant to your followers?  Logos of where you might have been featured, upcoming events or maybe what you specialise in.  Once you have the avatar template, you can update it whenever a new opportunity arises and stay really nimble.

Next is the header image. 

Canva gives you the ability to create header images for all of your social profiles that need one, all in the correct size.  Plus, you get lots of neat templates to choose from, so you can create something very savvy and professional quick smart. 

Create a header that you can use most of the time and replicate it for all of your social profiles – keeping things consistent helps people find you on social a lot easier.  Making the most of the real estate though, means changing it up when something new happens – you win an award, you get featured or maybe you have a sale on.  It’s going to be quick and easy to create a new template and then replicate it for all platforms.

Lastly it’s your images you post.

To get the most out of social media, you need to be posting the right size images to the right platforms.  It’s also good if you can have a consistent look for some of your posts, so that your images can become recognisable.

Canva will let you create images in one size, say Facebook size and then if you have Canva at Work, you can use their magic resizing tool to replicate it in any other social profile.  This saves you a LOT of time and effort.  The key to making this fast and easy, is batching your graphic creation in one hit – once a month create your posts in Canva and then you just need to schedule them to go out.

A little bit of leg work is going to have you pumping out graphics like a professional, but in half the time!

Did you have a stab at my question?  Any clues what the answer is?  It’s Instagram!  Who would’ve thunk it! 

Instagram users are 2.5 times MORE likely to click on ads than users on ANY other social media platforms.  So there’s a big tip to be mastering Instagram ads if you aren’t already!

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