Step 1 - Grab My Best Freebie

These tools will get you started with a bang.

All you need to think about for now,

Don't get caught up in too much research +
analysis - the overwhelm will paralyse you.
Trust me, I've been there.

Doing the right action is important + these tools
will move you in the right direction, so you get
to practice your craft regularly + get better
at understanding your voice.


Step 2 - Read this content

I have created some content to fill the gaps.  Knowing what you need, where to start and how to do it is both overwhelming and confusing.  I get it.  Sometimes, it's 'I can't do this' kind of overwhelming.  So, read this and you will have a head start:
I need to sell my course
I want to grow my social following
I want to fill my event
I need to grow my email list



Step 3 - Make a decision

Fullscreen sections are great for items that need some impact. Do you have a "call to action" that needs to work better, or, perhaps a news item that can't be missed. Well, put these into a fullscreen section and you're ready to go.

Nicole helped build my confidence + showed me how much easier life was going to be when I let myself step out + step into a more planned + strategic approach. I am grateful for the insight + advice Nicole has given me + love having her as a mentor!

Maryanne Katsidis,